The PROCESS of a small bloxburg house

small bloxburg house

STEP 1: Contact our sales team via to discuss your ideas and visions with us.

STEP 2: Build Placement Deposit.

This is to secure your spot in our production queue. At this stage, we will draw up your frame plans and finalize your quote, design, and layout of your Tiny Home. The placement deposit will be deducted from the final quote.

STEP 3: Initial Payment 30%.

Once we receive your deposit we will order your trailer and windows and then begin the build process.

STEP 4: Second Payment 15%.

The second payment is due once your frame is completed.

STEP 5: Third Payment 20%.

The third payment is due once we have completed the lockup stage. All windows and doors are installed at this stage, and your Tiny home is entirely water and weatherproof.

STEP 6: Fourth Payment 15%.

The fourth payment is due when your Tiny Home is at the internal lining stage. All rough-ins are completed by this time (electrical, plumbing, A/C, etc) as well as insulated walls, ceiling, and optional subfloor.

STEP 7: Final Payment 20%.

The final payment is due when your Tiny Home is completed. We will organise a final walk-through at this stage to ensure everyone is happy. We will then be ready to hand over your keys and assist with delivery.

small bloxburg house
small bloxburg house

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